Who Am I?


For several years I had been lost, not knowing where to go in life and what to do with myself. “What purpose do I want to serve?”, “What life do I want to lead?”, “What impact do I want to have?”; all of the questions that constantly filled my mind. Now, all of those questions are answered because I took the dive into my own mind and heart. At first, I tried to do it alone, going on the long journey of self-discovery trying to ask myself the right questions to get the best answers. Only when I started to reach out to people close to me did I realise, there’s so much I’m not thinking of. So, what did I do? I contacted my friend and my coach to help guide me toward the life that now brings me nothing but joy and satisfaction.

What do I do?

I help students find their true calling.

But why?

Essentially, I’ve “been there, done that”. The tremendous unrest I experienced not being on the right path for what I truly wanted is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Life is too short to spend time being lost. It’s my goal to ensure you don’t have to experience this any longer than you already have; to dig deep into your heart and propel you forward into living the life you love and deserve.

For so long I didn’t allow myself to live this life, but it’s because of my experience that I have been forced to discover a five-step method that can make happiness and success happen for you.

I used to be in the dark. Scared and fearful.
Now… I am still in the dark of the unknown. But the only difference is now in the darkness, I see light!
~ Nina Concepcion ~


“Who am I?”- an age-old question that we all ask ourselves. Many of us answer this question by listing a bunch of characteristics or events that fill our lives… Our name, where we live, what we do for work, but does this really answer that question? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to answer it. Searching for my life’s resolution in the education system, endeavouring to find the career that would complete my identity. But, fortunately, to no avail.

I say fortunately because if not for the experience I’ve had, going to three Universities, applying for several different courses, talking to careers counsellors, teachers and people who appeared so happy in their chosen paths, essentially following the herd; I would not have found my calling. None of this sounds so bad, but if you are where I’ve been, you know how awful this experience is. The inner turmoil, the discomfort, the confusion, feeling lost and anxious. “I’m learning”, “I made it to University”, “I’m doing a good thing”, “I should be grateful”, “when I start working I’ll be happy- things will be different”; all of the things we tell ourselves to make us feel as though it’s all going to be okay. That the immense unease we feel throughout our whole body is only temporary. I’m here to tell you- it’s not.

Trusting my gut was the smartest and most difficult move I ever made. I made the decision, I committed to myself and I quit University; never to go back. The “what now?” didn’t scare me anymore, I allowed myself to feel excited for the good things that could now happen rather than being afraid of all the things that could go wrong. I took control. Such a small shift in perspective, now I live on the other side where the grass is greener and the sun shines endlessly.

“WHO AM I?”. I am Elle. An enlightened spirit who has moved past the societal limitations of contentment.

Someone who graduated VCE, went onto RMIT University into an advanced diploma of Justice, then onto a diploma of Counselling (which I’m glad to say I actually completed) and finally onto a Bachelor of Nursing at DEAKIN University. Whilst between each course and during, applying for others such as Youth Work, Social Work, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Psychology and Mental Health. All I knew about myself was that there was a trend in what I was searching for- I wanted to help. However, nothing I could find in the tertiary education system had the answer for me; the most fitting career for HOW I wanted to help. By opening my mind, searching in places not usually thought of, asking questions and finding like-minded people revealed a whole other world to me. I removed the blinders that for so long prevented me from finding my answer. I took control, released myself from fear and now here I am; writing to you. My life has become filled with everlasting happiness, where my day-to-day involves reaching out and talking to others who want something more for their life; their true life’s purpose.